I’m Nico, a Belgium based web enthousiast.

I have always been truly passionate about shaping ideas. Whether it's transforming a simple concept into a beautiful design, or crafting innovative solutions to complex problems, I just thrive on the process of bringing ideas to life.

In both my work and daily life, I strongly believe in applying certain principles that drive my growth and success. Firstly, I firmly believe that there is always room for personal and professional development. I am constantly seeking new knowledge and skills, as I believe that learning is an ongoing journey that never truly ends. This mindset allows me to stay adaptable and open to new possibilities, making continuous learning a key component of my approach.

Secondly, I understand the importance of approaching challenges with a flexible attitude. By looking at problems from unconventional angles, I can discover unique solutions that might not be immediately apparent. This mindset helps me think creatively and find innovative approaches, leading to more effective and impactful outcomes.

Lastly, I strongly believe in maintaining a healthy balance between professionalism and pleasure. While professionalism ensures the highest standards in my work, I also recognize the importance of enjoying the journey. By fostering a positive and enjoyable work environment, I believe that creativity and productivity can flourish.

In summary, I am passionate about shaping ideas, and I live by the principles of continuous growth, a flexible mindset, and a harmonious blend of professionalism and pleasure.

When I'm not busy with an IT related project, you can probably find me during one of the following activities:

  • Going to the gym
  • Off-roading
  • Boardgames with friends
  • Other creative outlets (Vector design, 3D Design)